Hey, I'm Joe 👋

I’m a qualified Sports Scientist + Personal Trainer and I’ve been helping women between the ages of 20-35 get in better shape for the past 7 years.

I both love and hate the industry I work in; your health is the most valuable asset you have and I really enjoy helping people achieve that. On the flip side there is a lot of BS in the industry so you gotta be careful.

I’m not just in this industry to dish out unpersonalised meal plans and beast you in a session I actually want to help you form daily habits that will stay with them long after our time working together has come to an end. I enjoy clearing the confusion for people, keeping things simple, fun and doable in the context of a busy life.

This is why I use “Flexi-Nutrition” and “STS Training” in combination with personalised coaching as all three things have been proven to make things flexible & fun so you actually want to do them instead feeling like you have to.

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Hey, I'm Joe and that's me (on the right, this time 😆) after helping Jazz Hall lose 3kg after 2 weeks on our programme. #progress

"Working with Joe was amazing. It totally changed my life" - Stacey Jones.

How It Works

189 Transformations...3,969lbs Lost...7 Years & Going Strong

Rachel Teal, 30yrs

I’ve been working with Joe for over a year now and within that time I’ve grown in confidence hugely, both in myself and in the gym when I am alone. I’ve also toned and built muscle, increased my plyometric capability and my all round CV fitness. All of this combined has made me a more competitive netballer. I have improved my lifestyle by following a very well prepared nutrition plan which has seen me lose inches in my problem areas that the gym exercises didn’t touch whilst giving me more control over my food and the freedom to enjoy what I’m eating. Regular check ups to stay motivated and accountable have been invaluable to me.

Rachel Teal, 30yrs Waterlooville
Sharon Alfred, 25yrs

It Started as me wanting to include boxing as part of my workout for 30mins in the week every two weeks, now 2yrs later I train 3hrs a week with Joe. The first thing that has kept me working with Joe is his clear passion to help you achieve your fitness goals. He is willing to adapt to your requirements, makes available resources you need to meet your fitness and wellness needs as well as making it all fun in the process. He has helped me build my confidence in going to the gym on my own, allowing me to use what we go through and incorporate it to my workouts. I see results with Joe because I am willing to do the work he sets, follow the nutrition plans and im accountable to him. At this point he is my therapist hahha 😂

Sharon Alfred, 25yrs Waterlooville
Jazz Stone, 20yrs

After training with Joe for 6/7 months I feel like it helped me overcome a plateau that I had hit in my training and feel much more motivated to get at it and keep going aswell as keeping track of what I’m eating and taking measurements to see real results that are sustainable in the long run. I have gone from feeling bored of my workouts, low on confidence and demotivated to more excited to be in the gym and enjoying my training. My knowledge of training has broadened and my sessions with Joe are always fun and energetic and he constantly pushes you to your full potential.

Jazz Stone, 20yrs Waterlooville