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About Your Body Fitness


My Story.
Our #BodyMission.

Your Body Fitness Waterlooville

At Your Body Fitness, we help the people of Waterlooville build sky-high body confidence and lean bodies through our unique 4F Method. There’s nothing out there like it, and together we will take you on your very own #BodyMission.

Hey, my name’s Joe Reeve (I’m in that picture… in the middle obviously!) and I’m a qualified Sports Scientist + Personal Trainer and I’ve been helping women between the ages of 20-55 get in better shape for the past 8 years.

I both love and hate the industry I work in; your health is the most valuable asset you have and I really enjoy helping people achieve that. On the flip side there is a lot of BS in the industry so you gotta be careful.

I’m not just in this industry to dish out unpersonalised meal plans and beast you in a session I actually want to help you form daily habits that will stay with them long after our time working together has come to an end. I enjoy clearing the confusion for people, keeping things simple, fun and doable in the context of a busy life.

This is why I use “Flexi-Nutrition” and “STS Training” in combination with personalised coaching as all three things have been proven to make things flexible & fun so you actually want to do them instead feeling like you have to.


We teach everybody how to lift weights safely and effectively, staying away from your usual boring gym workouts and incorporating exercises that are challenging but actually enjoyable.


We offer the best nutritional support on the market, allowing you to drop body fat without sacrifising your favourite foods and even wine.


Part of our 4F Method is teaching you how to maintain laser focus so you never have to worry about a lack of motivation again, leading to fat loss on autopilot.


The Gym


Your Body Fitness Personal Training Studio, Waterlooville

Is this the biggest space in the world? No.

Is it filled to the brim with fancy equipment? No.

Is this deliberate?


What we teach you at Your Body Fitness is different to what you’ll be used to, hence the apparent lack of kit. But we aim to keep you away from stagnating on the typical boring gym kit you’ve tried countless times before. We want to give your body something new to try. Something challenging. Something exciting.

Our sessions never have more than 6 people in so there’s no intimidating gym crowds or scary free weights section you don’t have the confidence to venture into.

We also get your body moving as a complete unit, making sure you lift weights every session whilst improving your cardio fitness and torching body fat at the same time. Under the guidance and eye of our PTs, you’ll learn to lift safely and effectively to maximise your results.

Joe Reeve

Personal Trainer & Founder Of YBF

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