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Have you ever wondered what makes us feel stressed? Well, it turns out we have a hormone in our body called cortisol. Long story short, this hormone gets released whenever we’re put under stress, fear, or feel anxious. It’s what makes us sweat when we’re nervous, and get the jitters when we have anxiety. 

The more cortisol you produce, the worse it is for your overall health. Research indicates that elevated levels of this hormone can lead to high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar levels, a reduction in your metabolism speed, and even muscle degeneration. As a consequence, you really need to focus on managing your production of this stress hormone. How can you do this? Here are six simple ideas that work extremely well.

  • Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise is a very easy way of lowering cortisol. The main reason this works is because our body releases endorphins when we work out. This is another hormone that helps us feel happier and less stressed. It suppresses your stress hormone, and you’ll see the most benefits from short, intense workouts every day.

  • Learn To Relax

Naturally, one of the best ways of managing your stress hormone is by relaxing When you’re in a relaxed state you don’t produce excessive amounts of cortisol. Try and dedicate ten or fifteen minutes a day to relaxation techniques. You can meditate, practice deep breathing, or even partake in some stress-relieving yoga. 

  • Sleep More

Sleep is a natural cortisol suppressor that will make you feel so much better. When you’re asleep, your body is nice and relaxed. Then, you wake up feeling refreshed and in a good mood. But, if you don’t get enough sleep, then you’ll feel more tired and stressed throughout the day, leading to elevated cortisol levels. Make sure you get a solid 8 hours every night, and you’ll be fine!

  • Laugh Often

Well, it turns out that laughter actually is the best medicine – at least where your stress hormone is concerned. Countless studies have proven that laughing helps lower cortisol levels. This is because you’re extremely happy when you laugh, it makes you feel good. If you’re having a tough day, watch something funny on YouTube or Netflix and let yourself laugh!

  • Fix Your Diet

Funnily enough, your diet plays a huge role in your stress hormone management. Generally speaking, you should attempt to avoid inflammatory foods. These cause a response in your body that sparks a cortisol release. Similarly, certain things can help lower your stress hormone levels. Water is the main one – if you’re dehydrated your cortisol levels will go through the roof. 

  • Try Supplements

Finally, get your hands on some supplements that are proven to help reduce your stress levels and lead to the proper function of your body. There are countless things you can try, but the best of the bunch are Omega-3 Fish Oil capsules and probiotics. Omega-3 helps with brain health which helps prevent feelings of stress. Probiotics are great for your digestive system, preventing problems that can cause stress and lead to elevated cortisol levels. When your stress hormone is running riot, it will ultimately prevent you from achieving your fitness goals. You’ll feel sluggish and tired, not to mention all the potential health problems you can get. Work on managing this hormone, and you’ll feel a lot better and be healthier too.