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4 Easy Steps To Stopping The Evening Binges

by | Mar 10, 2020 | Food, Lifestyle

You know how it goes….

You’re so good all day, nothing but porridge, salads and lots of water. You even resist the biscuits that are passed around all day at work.

You stay strong, knowing full well it’s all for the greater good. For that summer body you’ve promised yourself.

But then the evenings come and, my god, where have these cravings come from?!

All of a sudden you want to demolish an entire gingerbread house.

But like… a real house sized one.

And 2 tubes of Pringles.

And 16 Maryland cookies.

You can’t stop and there’s no control.

And you’re not alone in this, not by any stretch of the imagination.

It’s definitely one of the most common issues I hear.

Now, whilst all hope may seem lost and you feel like you’re always going to be trapped on this stupid hamster wheel….

There is hope.

You can take certain measures to ease the burden of evening cravings. Here’s 4 useful ones to start with:

1. Eat Later
If you can delay your first meal, you’ll end up eating
the rest of your meals later and reduce the chances
of hunger and cravings late on

2. Herbal tea
My own personal choice is peppermint, and whilst
it seems as boring as the commute to work, give
it 20 minutes after dinner before sinking a herbal tea
and you’ll feel fuller for a grand total of 0 calories.
Larger the mug, the more full you’ll feel.

3. Brush your teeth
Funny fact; I can’t eat anything sweet before savoury.
It destroys my appetite, no matter how small the sweet
food and how large my appetite. Think it comes from
my childhood and hearing ‘not before dinner’ so
often. Anyway, point is its psychological. A bit like brushing
your teeth signals the end of the day and with it, the
end of the day’s eating.

4. Assess your daily food choices
Chances are if you’re experiencing some serious
cravings in the evenings, you’re restricting yourself
too tightly during the day. Remember the 80:20 approach
80% good food choices, 20% not. Allow yourself some
breathing space so to speak and relax the strict diet.
You’ll stop craving what you can’t have and you’ll feel
like you’re treating yourself everyday.
Just remember, everything in moderation.

I Hope this helps.