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7 Reasons to Use Spring for Weight Loss Inspiration

by | Apr 20, 2020 | Exercise, Food, Lifestyle

Timing counts for everything in this world, not least when it comes to weight loss. Spring is the ultimate season for starting a new health kick or taking an existing one to the next level – not least because the festive season is now a distant memory.

Here are just seven super incentives to use Spring as the springboard to a healthier you.


#1. The Natural Urge To Be Active


When the sun is shining bright, you’ll naturally want to be more active. Even without the gym, you’ll be playing sports, taking walks, and generally burning more calories. Those natural activities provide the perfect platform for weight loss, making this the perfect time to focus solely on those lifestyle goals.


#2. You’ll Be Less Likely To Overeat


Whether you like it or not, there will be far less guilt about eating bigger portions when wrapped up in several layers. The slightly more revealing spring wardrobe naturally makes you more conscious about bloating your belly and overindulging. Given the importance of portion control, you should not ignore its impact on a spring weight loss venture.


#3. You’ll Drink Fewer Calories


Watching what you eat is one thing, but most people find that empty calories consumed through drinks are the major downfall. The winter beverages such as hot chocolates and festive coffees can blow your diet out of the water. In spring, however, water and similar items like iced teas will become your go-to drinks. This can make a huge difference to your weight loss.


#4. Healthy Foods Are In Season


The winter months are largely about seeking comfort from rich and heavy foods while healthy berries and salads don’t taste quite as good either. Thankfully, the tables are turned in spring, with nature’s healthy treats all hitting their best seasons. When those foods taste so good, your urge for the naughty stuff naturally falls.


#5. Green Foods Burn Fat


Without getting too technical, greener fruit and vegetables actively lower the body’s insulin levels. In turn, this leads to quicker metabolism rates, meaning fat burns at a quicker rate. Spinach, watercress and various leafed berries are all on the springtime menu. Maintain a regular intake of those delicious foods, and your body will be sure to thank you.


#6. You’ll Sleep Earlier


Changing the clocks may not feel like a big deal. However, the daylight savings are scientifically prove to help you enjoy a better sleep pattern. This is even more noticeable when combined with increased activity levels. The rewards for better sleep patterns include increased energy and better physical appearances. Both will work wonders for ongoing motivation levels.


#7. You’ll Be Getting The D


Increased hours of daylight allows you to spend more time in the sun, which means you’ll gain more vitamin D. This is a key ingredient that can accelerate weight loss greatly. When added to the fact you’ll want to stay active in the sun, there’s no doubt that springtime is your time. Taking control of your weight loss journey has never been more accessible.